I am often asked where I got my belt, boots, accessories, etc. I've prepared this page to help you find these things. These are vendors that I've had very positive experience with and recommend them not only for their products but their customer service as well.

Belts, Suspenders, Belt Bags & other leather goods

In my opinion, Greg Wood is one of the finest leather crafters available to the Santa world today. I used to be the 1/2 owner of a leather shop making bags and custom leather clothing but Greg is the guy I go to for my high-end leatherwork.

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Belt Buckles

I really like the buckles by Billy Brown, AKA Hampton Roads Santa. They are solid brass, not a plated pot metal. They're very sturdy and look great. I own two of them at the moment and will most likely buy more.

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Santa Belts

These are quality leather belts at a very affordable price. I have 2 of the Amish belts, one in black and one in brown. I also have one of the embossed belts with the holly leaves and berries. They are all very good belts at these price points. To order, it's best to call Rick Hilleary direct at 540-446-4672

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Designer Beards & Wigs

Heather and her team produce extremely realistic beards and wigs. I currently own two complete tier 2 sets. They not only look better than my previous set, they are much lighter in weight and cooler to wear.

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Santa Glasses

In my opinion these are the best "off the rack" Santa Glasses available. If these are going to be your primary Santa glasses I recommend buying the frames and have a local eyeglass shop make you lenses with non-reflective coating so you don't get a reflection in the photos.

My glasses have progressive bifocals and the non-reflective coating and I couldn't be happier.

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Storytelling Props

I believe Courtney is the best prop maker available to the Santa world. His fairy dust orbs are the best I've seen anywhere. I have several of these and use them regularly in my appearances. They are always a huge hit with the kids and adults alike.

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